• Interior, wall decoration details
  • Pork And Pierogi dish plate
  • Blood Orange Mixed Drink, top view


Fare For Flavor Enthusiasts

About us

With over a decade together, Brian and Melissa have melded their styles and created complimentary flavor profiles with a passion for food and exploration. Their goal upon opening Sultry F&B is to offer fare found in fine dining without the hoity-toity nonsense in an approachable atmosphere. Just great food in a fun and relaxing ambiance providing an experience to remember and a reason to return-awesome food from people who really care about what they are putting on your table.

Brian and Melissa moved to Pittsburgh in November of 2016. Brian, originally from Mathews, Virginia, has lived the kitchen life for almost 25 years, exploring different cuisines and classifications of cooking. Brian began his culinary career by attending the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont where he found his love for farm to table. He went on spending some time in Colorado and Arizona where he met Melissa, then finally finding his home here in Pittsburgh. With a passion for food that is rivaled only by his 2 daughters and other half, Brian is excited to offer Pittsburgh his interpretation of a love they have in common´┐Ż food. Brian enjoys putting his spin on contemporary classics, finding a perfect medium between flavor and flare. Melissa is lucky enough to call two places home; upstate New York and the Metro Detroit Area. With just over fifteen years in the kitchen, Melissa has had the pleasure of working with and learning from some amazing chefs from all over the world. Upon graduating from the Baking and Pastry Program the Culinary Institute of America, where she was taught by some of the only Certified Master Pastry Chefs and Bakers, Melissa moved back to Michigan, then spent the next 8 years in Phoenix, honing and growing her pastry and hot side knowledge in Scottsdale. Throughout her career, she has explored desserts from traditional to modern with some molecular gastronomy, but she mostly enjoys giving new presentations to old desserts and sweets while respecting traditional flavors.